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Discover the beautiful gardens set in approximately 20 acres.

Garden Group Tours are specifically designed for groups of a minimum of 15 and maximum of 25.

We offer visits from Monday to Friday on selected dates, for further information, please contact Julieann Tel: 01761 479319

‘Spring Walk’

Group Guided Walk (min 15 and max 25)

Spring Walk

Camerton Court near Bath is a hidden gem in the heart of Somerset, the spring flowers are bursting out giving an array of beautiful colours.

Our spring walk will lead you through breath taking gardens, you will see majestic trees, mixed borders containing acer, firs, heathers, native wild daffoldils (Narcissus Pseudonarcissus) it is believed the daffodil is associated with Lent and also known as the Lent Lilly.

Walk along the valley and feel the inner calm, listen to the trickle of natural spring water feeding the lakes nearby. Enjoy the Tulips, Fritillarias and in some wild areas dainty ‘English Blue Bells’          – an interesting garden to be enjoyed.

A special gift for a special occasion or event, a personal guided walk with friends or family, including refreshments.
Special requests will be considered

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